Going green and Tupperware

  • So I have been the family member who is always been ahead of the "green" curve; I've been talking about re-usable water bottles, using fewer paper towels and less foil and wrap.  Yes, they act as though they want to sigh and pat my head when I start talking about them reduing their waste too, but it seems like I have been making headway. 

    My sister-in-law had a party recently (she's a star hostess, by the way) and told me she wanted to use her free Tuppeware (she picked the hostess shopping spree) to reduce her waste.  While I did my happy dance in my head (have to be professional), I sat down with her and talked about three things: waste, waste, and waste.  First waste was waste of food: having the right containers for her food would allow her to throw away less money in food that she tosses because of spoilage or things going stale.  We found her containers that work for what she uses most so that her food stays fresher longer.  Second, we talked about the waste of foils and wraps.  She finally realized how many baggies she has been going through and was amazed at how much better it was sending her boys (my super cute nephews!!!) to school with Tupperware containers (and the big one LOVES his lunch bag!).  The last was paper and cleaner waste.  She bought the TupperLiving microfiber towels and can't STOP raving about them!  She is amazed at how much they clean with only water and she has a second that she uses natural cleaners on.  She keeps talking about how much better she feels about a) the money she's saving b) the smaller amount of waste she creates and c) how amazingly they clean! 

    Next, we're working on water bottles... she already uses the Impressions Cups for the boys and now we're onto her water bottle usage.... She may buy water in large jugs (their water is not like NYC, but then again, who else has water that good?) but if they go out, they buy water.  Have to get them to use the new Eco bottles Tupperware has... I carry mine everywhere and I LOVE it!

    Write about how you reduce waste and ask questions about how Tupperware can fit in your lifestyle; Tupperware has something for everyone!

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  • Cheryl Sanchez
    Cheryl Sanchez Perfect tie in to the Go Green on Fordham event! Go Tupperware!
    April 18, 2010