From the attack point of view

  • At present, Barcelona's defensive line impregnable, Telstr?m, Ummedi, Pique and others for FIFA Coins the Valverde team's defensive experience. Chelsea's defense is full of riddles, the past two Premiership, the Blues are facing Bournemouth and Waterford, but lost seven goals. Christensen is Chelsea's most stable defender, but the Danes are currently hurt.


    From the attack point of view, Chelsea and Barca are not the same. At present, the Blues forwards do not seem to score, besides, Morata has injuries. The Marca contrasted two offensive teams, with Chelsea's Morata scoring 12 goals in 31 matches and Ajarr scoring 13 goals in 35 matches, the best of Blues Shooter. Barcelona Messi scored 27 goals in 34 games, Suarez has 31 games 19 goals contribution.