Since then the two sides began to gradually get stuck

  • The opening, the predators team won a great opportunity, the first 4 minutes team after a break in the backcourt stroke 2 back 1 field counterattack, Ryan - Hansen and Mike - Fisher play with the former After the ball close to the face of Raitanela ball backhand close stoped, but almost lost the center of NHL Coins gravity Raist Nan struggled to open two big legs, intercepted this must Hansen goal.


    Since then the two sides began to gradually get stuck, but the middle of the game began, the Predators also took control of the rhythm of the court, the first 8 minutes, they get a great opportunity to play more and less, Phillip - Fossberg pass after a rebound Fell to Craig - Smith's pole, but his unmanned midfielder shot was brave Pattison saved. The Star team tried to launch a counterattack, but the strong blue line defenses of the Predators still blocked the Star team very closely. However, at the last minute of the first quarter, the star team continued to threaten the marauding team's gate by playing a second, more and less chance of catching up with the opponent immediately. Unfortunately, Rene also performed similarly and did not leave a good chance for the star team .