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  • With introduction and advancement of technology, mobile phones have become an inseparable part of our lives. Maximum of our day to day activities are linked with mobile in one or the other way. From starting our day with Exercise, working, entertainment, travelling, ordering dinner to relaxing a mind mobile apps are available for each and every activity. Beside these personal use mobile apps there are many profesionally used apps too. At present every department, industry and sector has a separate mobile app for its better usage. Now a days every small or large business holder in Canada wants a mobile app of its own for better customer satisfaction, better analytics and convenient use raising the demand of and all other states and provinces. Like in all other sectors, mobile apps have also shown its positive impacts in agriculture sector.

    Mobile apps benefits Agriculture sector in many ways such as weather information, connecting to crop consultants, buying fertilizers, farming equipment, custom sprayers, buying seeds, new and updated farming techniques and strategies and a lot more.

    Mobile apps and Weather, Agriculture mobile apps can notify the users with weather conditions about to happen in near future and farmers can plan their crops according to the circumstances. Even farmers can get to know about storms, heavy snowfalls or heavy rains from mobile app and can take required actions to combat the fore coming situation.

    Mobile apps and buying farm products, Agriculture mobile apps also allows easy and convenient online buying and selling of farm products from seeds to fertilizers, customised sprayers, machines and every other thing required for farming.
    Mobile apps and crop consultants, Users can also get connected to crop consultants and discuss the problems or any changes in the growth of crop they are visiting. Farmers can also consult crop consultants about which crop they should grow, new methods and techniques to grow, what weather conditions are suitable for certain crops and all other information they want to know.

    Mobile apps and agriculture news, Farmers can get to know about latest news, change in prices of seeds, machines, crops and any other updates and news, or schemes launched by government and Agriculture associations via alerts, push notifications or in app notifications.
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