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Plan Your Vision 2024

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  • Join us on Wednesday, January 24th on Zoom as we plan our vision for 2024!

    It’s a new year and back again is talk of resolutions and goal setting. On this journey that we call life, it’s important to periodically determine our goals and what direction we are headed in. It’s also important to recognize progress over perfection and growth over goals. How do we do both?

    What’s your vision for 2024? Do you have goals for the new year? Need help figuring them out?  

    Invite a friend or colleague, grab your favorite beverage or snack, and join us for a collaborative vision for 2024! We will talk about goals, gratitude, affirmations, manifesting, vision boards, and more plus tips on how to balance between setting achievable goals and celebrating growth and success. 

    Guest speakers include:

    Cheryl Sanchez

    Priscilla Keresey

    Joel Salomon

    VISION BOARDS: Do you have a vision board or journal? Do you want one? They can be a helpful tool. You can create or add to a vision board or journal while attending, jot down ideas to make one later, or you can have one handy that you previously made. Vision boards not your thing? No worries... this is a plan your vision however you want event!

    To make a vision board/vision journal, you can start fresh or build off one made previously. Vision boards can be made from many materials including paper, poster board, cardboard (all those Amazon boxes put to use!), a bulletin board, or photo frame. For a vision journal you just need a notebook/journal. Gather photos, stickers, printouts, sayings, magazines, etc. Have a glue stick or tape and scissors and a pen/sharpie. For journals have colored pens. You can also use an app like Canva to create an electronic one and use it as a screen saver or phone background.

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    They say it takes a village and that is true now more than ever... we are your village. Join us for community, ideas, inspiration, and success in whatever it is that you want to do!

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