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None of This Was on My Vision Board So Now What? Part 1 6/24/20

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None of This Was on My Vision Board So Now What? Shifting & Adapting to 2020 Part 1 of our Summer Series: 6/24/20 Are you thinking that none of this was on your vision board for 2020? So now what? Do we give up and toss our vision boards in the trash? No, we don't need to do that! What should we do? We should take time for wellness and self-care, to acknowledge what has been happening around us and whatever feelings we may have about it, to check in on our goals for this year and reassess or revise them if needed, and learn how to adapt and move forward positively on our journey of success. In our first session on Wednesday, June 24th we will start with a focus on self-care and wellness. Priscilla Keresey will be speaking about self-hypnosis. "Forget everything you've seen or heard from Hollywood about hypnosis; it is not surrendering control of your mind. In fact it's the opposite. It's using the most powerful tool in the Universe (your mind) to control and create your inner and outer environment. Best of all, it's not rocket science. You don't need to go to a hypnotist to get the real benefits, because all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Join me for this instructional talk about why self-hypnosis is the fastest and most efficient way to get some traction on your dreams and goals. You'll learn how to get in the proper frame of mind, how to create effective self-suggestions, and why simple affirmations often fail." Lourdes Melendez-Gamez will be speaking about art therapy. How can art help us cope, adapt, and adjust? What are the benefits of art as therapy? How can art help us get into a calm mindset? Join us on Zoom for Part 1 of our Summer Series!
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