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None of This Was on My Vision Board So Now What? Part 2 7/23/20

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Shifting & Adapting to 2020 Are you thinking that none of this was on your vision board for 2020? So now what? Do we give up and toss our vision boards in the trash? No, we don't need to do that! What should we do? We should take time for wellness and self-care, to acknowledge what has been happening around us and whatever feelings we may have about it, to check in on our goals for this year and reassess or revise them if needed, and learn how to adapt and move forward positively on our journey of success. In Part 2 of our Summer Series, join us for guest speakers Kimberley Khodakhah, Kathleen Macias-Torres, and Joel Salomon. Kim: What growing a vegetable garden taught me about life. None of this was on my vision board……. But we are living in a time of COVID. As I see it there are two choices: 1. Sit back, complain and pout over what you can’t do or wish you were doing, or 2. Do things differently. Take advantage of this opportunity to shake things up personally and professionally. Having conquered or gotten bored with house projects and cleaning tasks I decided to plant a vegetable garden. In the past I have tried to grow tomatoes with little success but what else do you do when your stuck at home? The result (process) was quite revealing and transposable to life in general. Kathleen: Situational Leadership - Leading During Different Times Joel: Learn the 6-step process to manifesting financial freedom and the life of your dreams!
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