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Sales Mastery with Jay Maymi

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Join us on Tuesday, February 22nd at 7pm EST for an exclusive event with Jay Maymi! A recent study revealed that 70% of most salespeople struggle with their own inner perception. With a finding like this, is it any wonder why the majority of new salespeople, entrepreneurs, business owners, and consultants abandon ship so early on in their journey? Learn why your perception matters and how to revamp it for better results PLUS more tips and tidbits from Jay's Thrive Sales Mastery course. If you could learn just one new sales technique or sales tactic that helps you 10X your income, would the 30 minutes you invested been worth it? Would that be a webinar worth watching? Join this exclusive webinar and walk away with, not just one, but a number of techniques as well as mindset shifts that will make your time worth it! For more info on the course: Members receive contact info for attendees. Not a member yet? Visit and join us for only $5 a month...about the cost of a cup of fancy coffee and less than the cost of TheNetTini (our signature drink).
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