• The Business of Choice

    Posted Sep 14 by Cheryl Sanchez

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    As consumers, we are faced with choices daily. What products do we want to buy or need to buy? Where do we buy them? How do we buy them: online or in person? What services do we need? What about food? Do we cook ourselve Read More...

  • The Love of Peptides

    Posted Aug 6 by Tanya Perez

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    f you’ve done any research into anti-aging skincare, chances are you’ve come across the word "peptide". While collagen is a long-standing staple of anti-aging regimens that we’re all quite famili Read More...

  • Fashion Style

    Posted Jul 19 by Maria Cardes

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    What is fashion style..does every woman have it..or do we acquire it from magazines and media sources..or does it exist within our personality?      I believe it exists within our personality. E Read More...

  • I Cleaned Out My Closets - Now What?

    Posted Jul 14 by Jill Valerie Boyd

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    You've accomplished this important project - cleaning out your closets. Congratulations! You know this creates space energetically to bring in change - excitement for a new look to better serve your lifestyle, a more fla Read More...

  • The Importance of wearing Sunscreen

    Posted Jul 14 by Tanya Perez

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    Most of us know the importance of wearing sunscreen in the summer months to avoid sunburn and damage, but it really should be a year-round preventive health measure. Always wear sunscreen, no matter your skin color or to Read More...

  • How to care for your skin while wearing a mask

    Posted Jun 17 by Tanya Perez

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      As we all strive to stay healthy and safe by wearing masks in our daily lives, we also face new skin concerns. A mask can cause skin irritation, redness, and acne – some of which is unavoidable, particularl Read More...


    Posted May 28 by Tanya Perez


    Summer has a rep for being the laid back, carefree season. But if you care about your skin, you probably already know it’s not the time to relax when it comes to your skin-care routine. Summer is prime time for sun da Read More...

  • What Does Success Look Like During a Global Pandemic?

    Posted May 4 by Cheryl Sanchez

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    Boy has it been a rough couple of months… a bit of a challenging path on the journey! Aside from the stress specifically related to the global pandemic (and other things), there is also stress related to how much Read More...

  • Sustaining Beauty Practices During Coronavirus Part 1

    Posted Apr 15 by Jill Valerie Boyd

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    At this time when everyone is asked to comply with social distancing, it is paramount that you feel good about yourself. Take a moment to think what makes your heart sing and what you love to do. These are gifts you give Read More...

  • Life Insurance: Now Is The Time

    Posted Apr 2 by Monica Martinez-Hess

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    I always get the same question: What kind of life insurance is best? My best answer is: When was the last time you checked your life insurance policy? Do you remember who your beneficiary is? Do you know what company ca Read More...

  • COVID-19: Preparing Your Small Business for the Unexpected

    Posted Mar 10 by Cheryl Sanchez


    Whether you are very concerned, a little concerned, or not at all concerned with the recent developments of the coronavirus, as a business owner you still need to be informed and prepared. There are many potential impact Read More...

  • New Year Goals Check In

    Posted Feb 17 by Cheryl Sanchez

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    We are now midway through February and it’s a good time to check in on our goals that we set for the new year. We should revisit the goals we set, see if we are making progress, celebrate our successes, and reasses Read More...

  • Choices with Tupperware

    Posted Feb 3 by Patricia Matos

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    Were you at the Symposium this weekend? I was so excited that Tupperware posted a blog connected to my talks! Do you think about how you can make a difference? Well, Tupperware posted some favorite product Read More...

  • Looking Great During Weight Loss

    Posted Jan 17 by Jill Valerie Boyd


    Congratulations on your decision to lose weight or to change your eating in 2020 to improve your health!   Want to maintain an attractive image while losing weight? Here's what you may want to know:   Ski Read More...

  • How To Support Someone Else's Business

    Posted September 17, 2019 by Cheryl Sanchez


    We all have friends, family members, or colleagues who are entrepreneurs and business owners. They may be selling a product or service or they may have an opportunity to offer others like direct sales reps or employers l Read More...

  • We're back... and here's our story

    Posted August 23, 2019 by Cheryl Sanchez

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    For some of you, you know all about TheNetWorks and, yes, it’s been awhile, we know. For others, you may not know much about TheNetWorks and this is all new to you. Here is our story...  My name is Cheryl San Read More...