FROCKY HORROR SHOW Wolf & Badger is selling two dresses

  • The Asymmetric Pleated Dress is a bizarre creation with a formal blue dress on one side, and a pink Japanese print frock on the other.

     The Asymmetric Pleated Dress was listed for £550 - but the price has been slashed to £275

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    The two halves are completely different lengths, with the blue half finishing below the knee - and the pink one much more of a mini dress.

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, shoppers were slow to snap one up at its original price of £550 - and it has now been reduced down to half the price.

    The website's description reads: "The dominant part is made of lustrous cotton sateen, very soft on touch with added elasticity for the comfortable fit.

    "The smooth lustrous silk incorporated in the left side of the dress was skillfully dyed and painted by handcraft Japanese techniques to depict traditional pattern of royal cart, tsubaki (camellia), sakura (cherry blossom) and ume (Japanese plum).

    "The motif represents high dignity, fleeting beauty of life and resilience."

    But Mumsnet users were less than impressed.

    Sparklingbrook described it as "weird and expensive", and another user added: "I just don't understand..... What's it supposed to be?"

    While Insomnibrat joked: "Individually, probably both nice dresses! It's a Frankendress!"

    But not everyone was so damning. Scribblegirl said: "I've seen this before, I love it", alongside a blushing emoji.

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