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  • Mobile App has become an integral part of our daily life today and playing an important role dat to day activities. Whether to say small to large businesses, retailers, eCommerce, health care industry, travel and tourism industry or education system every sector and industry has witnessed a boom in growth with the help of developing mobile technology. Mobile has become a basic need of everybody and everyone uses it for all their day to day activities, entertainment and for gaining information. Every mobile app has a unique feature which targets the customers with required services and products. In education sector mobile technology and introduction of mobile apps has revolutionised the process of learning and teaching in Canada. Every school, university or education institute have a mobile app of their own serving their students with best. With rising benefits of mobile apps demand for has also risen for creating more and more education apps. Students now days are more inclined towards smartphones and use them for most of the activities. There are countless number of benefits of mobile apps in education sector.

    eBooks and Online study, Mobile apps are of various types such as library apps. Books app, e Learning apps and many more. All these apps provides notes, books and syllabus material available to students right on their phones and the need not to visit libraries, or book stores for issuing or buying books. This is most convenient and innovative mode of learning as students like to use mobile phones more.

    Enhanced interaction, Education apps promotes better interaction and engagement between students as well as parents regarding online learning and testing programs. Learning via mobile apps is more of a fun activity for children and also parents can keep a check on the lessons learnt by their children through app.

    Lecture capture apps, There are many lecture capture apps which allows students to record the lecture during class and then re-capitulating it later on and noting down the important points and understanding it better at home if he/she has missed anything during lecture. Various other apps are there which helps students with needful such as exam preparation apps, revision apps, bibliography helper apps and large number of education institutes, schools, universities also have their apps for providing new updates, information and schedules to students and also to their parents.
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    6/29/19 at 1:00 AM
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