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Fashion Style

  • What is fashion style..does every woman have it..or do we acquire it from magazines and media sources..or does it exist within our personality?

         I believe it exists within our personality. Every woman has a unique personality that tells a fashion story. Not every woman looks good in dresses, skirts, pants or shorts because our physique dominates what will be appealing in our choice of apparel. If we’re perceptive of what will complement our appearance than we will choose wisely in the styles that will not only add style savvy, but will show the intellect in expressing how.

         Maria de Socorro Fashions specializes in French Plissé.. the infamous pleating method, that originated in France, which includes many different methods, and crinkles/crushed styles.  The marvel about the pleating method is that it complements any body physique.

         The pleating method can extend sizing (in a subtle way) from small to medium and medium to well as the crinkles/crushed method, in which the garment is heat crushed to create the crinkle effect.  Both methods offer women the opportunity to look great in any particular stylish outfit.  Another uniqueness is its travel abilities, since they need no ironing, they’re perfect for the traveling woman on the Go!

         In upcoming blogs I will introduce these unique styles for the woman that has a desire to be stylish, wish to impress.. or simply look good!

    Below meet Amary, a color blooming tunic with two methods of pleating and Sexy Rose, a dress with its unique broad diamond pleating. Visit to view more French Plissé and crinkles/crushed couture.

    Amary & Sexy Rose