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I Cleaned Out My Closets - Now What?

  • You've accomplished this important project - cleaning out your closets. Congratulations! You know this creates space energetically to bring in change - excitement for a new look to better serve your lifestyle, a more flattering fit, to showcase your creativity, and more importantly, to promote your individuality and innate beauty.
    Image stems from external as well as internal factors. It takes less than 7 seconds to make a first impression. How did you feel about your image during the coronavirus lockdown when services were suspended from hair, beauty and nail salons? Did this impact your motivation or feeling of well-being?
    How to Create a Wardrobe You Love - It's Easier Than You Think!
    Happily, you may have decided to dedicate your finances to more important expenses which leaves limited spending within your budget for clothing and accessories. Why is this a good thing? It precludes impulse buying and shopping to achieve that high (better known as Retail Therapy.)
    • Write down areas of your lifestyle and roles you perform. These categories will dictate the type of clothes you need i.e. gardening, sporty, casual, dressy.
    • Has your body type changed? This will affect your silhouette. Clothing styles, colors, and fabrics create visual effects so only your best attributes will be projected.
    • Have you decided to go gray? Not coloring your hair for months may have enticed you to take the leap. To maintain vibrancy, your wardrobe colors need to change.
    • What's your referred style - romantic, traditional, classic, elegant, sporty, creative or dramatic? Did you know each style features specific colors and fabrics. Your style is your signature look.
    • Know the best retailers whose items have been under a climate controlled environment. Stagnant air dries out fibers. Your online purchases should be packaged and arrive pristine. Warehouse inventory on standby during the lockdown and old clothing stored in your attic will not drape correctly and make you look frumpy. Fine quality clothing will maintain drape and longevity.
    Receive a complimentary session to find the answers to creating a wardrobe you love within your budget. Need a new headshot? Get professional advice. Are you ready?
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