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Looking Great During Weight Loss

  • Congratulations on your decision to lose weight or to change your eating in 2020 to improve your health!
    Want to maintain an attractive image while losing weight? Here's what you may want to know:
    • Skin, Hair, Nail changes
    • Wardrobe ideas
    Essential Fatty Acids
    Congratulations on your decision to improve your health by undertaking or thinking of a weight loss program!
    Significant weight loss can affect more than your body size. You might experience changes in the texture of your skin, hair and nails. Many weight loss diets reduce dietary fats leading to cracked nails, thinning hair and scaly skin. Weight loss can lead to wrinkles, losing lipids in the face that dries out and ages the skin. Hydration and moisturizing are very important.
    Your health practitioner can prescribe some essential fatty acids and supplements. Easy solution, start by adding a hard boiled egg to your salad.
    Wardrobe Tips While Losing Weight
    Many people undertake a weight loss program to change a certain part of their body. Genetics plays an important role in your body shape and proportions. However, weight loss will guarantee you will look better in clothing styles for especially for your body type. You might lose weight first from the face, shoulders, breasts and then from your torso and legs.
    Maintain an attractive image while losing weight.Here are some image and wardrobe tips:
    • Consider a new hairdo due to changes in your facial structure. Get opinions from your hairdresser or an image consultant.
    • Pay attention to slouchy and drooping shoulders in your jackets. Easy to alter or replace. Garments can be altered 1 size.
    • You may be changing sizes every 10-15 pounds.
    • Set your budget. Your size may change every 2 months. How much are you willing to spend?
    • Stick to dark, neutral colors. Column dressing - matching your top color to your pants or skirt will make you look taller and leaner. Then add a jacket, cover up, scarf, or a wrap.
    • A black skirt with an elastic band can be pinned from the back under your jacket as you lose inches in your waist.
    • Changing your jewelry will give your outfit a new look.
    • Your bra cup size will change. Make sure you replace your bras. Avoid placing them in the dryer as hot air dries out the elastic support. When your weight stabilizers, get professionally fitted for your undergarments. Your clothing will drape beautifully.
    • Avoid skin tight styles. Allow your new clothes to skim over your body.
    You may progress through many wardrobe additions until your weight stabilizes such as replacing certain items. Consider contacting an image consultant who will assist you in your new style to compliment your new shape. Learn to dress for your body type. Contact me. See figures below.
    Female body types. From left to right on colored figures.
    Triangle, Inverted Triangle, Rectangular, Hourglass, Diamond, Tubular, Rounded.