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How to care for your skin while wearing a mask


    As we all strive to stay healthy and safe by wearing masks in our daily lives, we also face new skin concerns. A mask can cause skin irritation, redness, and acne – some of which is unavoidable, particularly with long-term use.

    This new reality is a frustrating one. Here are some ways to reduce the issues you see in your skin with regular mask wearing.

    Your most likely wondering why wearing a mask is causing your skin to irritate and develop acne. Well this leads to lack of oxygen and build up of moisture which is a bad combination! 

    The mask blocks fresh air from reaching your face, which normally keeps skin dry and balanced. Then, moisture can build up, creating the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and spread. Re-use of the mask can further lead to the spread of bacteria.

    Additionally, masks trap heat, which can cause inflammation. It’s also possible that your skin can be sensitive to the material of the mask.

    If your skin feels dry right now, that’s likely due to:

    • A buildup of dead skin cells, which makes skin feel thick and dry. Exfoliation is key!
    • Air conditioning or lifestyle changes that add to dryness such as working out and new eating habits
    • Stress, changes in daily routine and sleep also contributes 



    Before you put your mask on, make sure your skin is clean and protected. If there is a build up of oils, dead skin or debris on the skin, this will intensify the chance of your mask irritating your skin or causing problems  
    Wash your hands before touching your mask and use either a reusable mask that’s cleaned daily or a new, disposable one each day.

    As you’re wearing your mask, avoid frequent touching and picking of the skin, as well as rubbing the skin with your mask (if you have an itch, for example). Once you’re done with your mask for the day, cleanse your skin right away.


    If your skin is breaking out:

    If your skin is dry or sensitized: