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30 Days of Gratitude

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  • In 2021, we started a new tradition: 30 days of gratitude during the 30 days of November. Believe it or not, it's November again so here we go for round 3!

    How can you participate? Easy! Pick whatever you want to be grateful for and however you want to express that gratitude. For example, you can pick something you are grateful for starting with the letter A on day one, then B, and so on. Or, you can pick something new each day. You can share your gratitude via social media, in a journal, say it out loud, or however works best for you. Put post-it notes around your home or set an alert on your phone for a daily reminder.

    We will also be sharing ideas for how to practice gratitude and we would love to hear your ideas, too!

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    Are you in?

    On this day one, we are grateful for ALL OF YOU!

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  • 11/1/23 at 1:00 AM -
    11/30/23 at 11:00 PM
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