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We're back... and here's our story

  • For some of you, you know all about TheNetWorks and, yes, it’s been awhile, we know. For others, you may not know much about TheNetWorks and this is all new to you. Here is our story... 

    My name is Cheryl Sanchez and I am the founder of TheNetWorks Organization. I started the organization back in 2006 to affordably assist entrepreneurs, business professionals, and small businesses with networking and marketing.  For more about TheNetWorks and how we started, click here

    As many of you know, we grew. We filled a niche. We were in the Bronx, and Westchester, other areas in the tri-state, and even expanded to Miami, FL. We networked, we had events, and we eventually started The Journey of Success conferences. We had a website with lots of members from all over the place. So many people made great connections and established long-lasting relationships.  

    Then, in 2015, stuff hit the fan in my personal life and my journey took a nosedive off a cliff. TheNetWorks unfortunately took that nosedive with me, everything stopped, and the entire website including all of our members was lost. If you are interested in hearing more about that part of the story, a lot of it is in my book, “The Journey of Success: Even When Success Is Just Getting Out of Bed”. The book is available on Amazon (yes, a shameless promo, sorry.) 

    I have been working on rebuilding... myself, the business, and the website. We are back... better than before and it’s time to get all of us back together and continue doing good things. So here we are. 

    We have a LOT going on. The website is up so please check it out, create a profile, and post some content. We have an active membership drive with a $5/month plan. It’s $5... about the cost of a cup of fancy coffee and less than the cost of TheNetTini (our signature drink). Save even more with the $50/year plan. Why do we charge and what do you get? Click here to find out.  

    The website is a work in progress. Sign up... test it out... let us know your comments and suggestions.

    We are adding new features to the website and adding more member benefits. We have several events lined up and more coming. We have marketing opportunities.

    We are back. Join us on the journey.


    To Your Success! 

    -Cheryl Sanchez

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  • Maria Cardes Cheryl, it's wonderful to see you back. I'm sure you don't remember me, we met when you had just started the NetWorks. I think we met at the Comadres group, but not sure. In any case it's great that you have come back. We both have gone thru stuff...  more