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August is the Sunday of Summer

  • "August is the Sunday of Summer"
    Have you heard that saying?
    The summer, particularly July, is my favorite time of the year. Each year I would look forward to this time of the year, and then often dread the start of August - thinking of it as the "Sunday of Summer". But lately, I have learned to live more in the moment instead of in anticipation (or dread).
    My daughter recently said to me something along the lines of if you are feeling depressed, you are in the past, and if you are feeling anxious, you are in the future. And a good friend once told me that "worry is negative future planning". Smart people! I keep those thoughts in mind when I need to remind myself to live in the moment.
    Sundays get a bad rap... I think August does, too. This August, in the midst of all the end of summer and back to school stuff, take a breath and just experience right now.
    Wishing you all the best that August has to offer!