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September: A Beginning or an End?

  • Labor Day, back to school... September can be busy, hectic, and a time of remembered obligation and routines.
    It got me thinking about Labor Day being the unofficial end of summer that happens along with the beginning of the school year for so many. Is it a beginning or an end?
    Apparently, I have been thinking about this since at least the 5th grade when I wrote a poem about it...
    "It is the beginning of pencils, paper, and new teachers,
    Friends, lockers, and new sneakers,
    New books, work, and routines,
    Time to start those ol' club meetings.
    New things to learn and do.
    Come on, it's good for you!
    Summer vacation, fun and games,
    Staying up late, lazy days,
    4th grade trips, watching tv,
    Swimming and all the luxury,
    Is it a beginning or an end?
    How about making a new friend!"
    I really have been thinking about this for quite some time!
    So, what do you think? I think it's both. And that's a good thing. A time of transition... an opportunity to wrap up some things and start some new things. And a reminder that while summer vacation may be coming to an end for this year, we should still find ways to incorporate that laid back feeling throughout the rest of the year.
    Wishing you all the best that September has to offer!
    PS. Summer isn't over until the 23rd!