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Stop and Smell the Roses

  • The month of May brings spring into full bloom. The seeds we planted, and the April showers, brought May flowers.

    It’s warmer. Daylight lasts longer. Grass is growing and flowers are blossoming. It’s less cold, dark, and gloomy and more warm, light, and bright.

    Our physical world changes and our minds and bodies start to feel brighter, too.

    It’s Mental Health Awareness Month, Lupus Awareness Month, Arthritis Awareness Month, Better Sleep Month, National Walking Month, and Women’s Health Month - all distinct yet interconnected subjects. Anyone who suffers from chronic illness will tell you that it impacts mental health. And mental health challenges can most definitely impact physical health.

    The recurring theme is that our mental health and physical health are connected. And taking care of ourselves both mentally and physically is extremely important.

    Mother’s Day falls in May, too. It’s a day that can be wonderful for some and difficult for others.

    May also brings Memorial Day and the “unofficial” start of summer. Plus, it’s graduation month and the end of the school year for many, too. It’s a busy time.

    Let’s take some moments this May to step away from all the busy-ness and to appreciate the warmth, light, and brightness. Stop and smell the roses, literally.

    Wishing you all the best that May has to offer!

    “May is the month of expectation, the month of wishes, the month of hope.” - Emily Brontë